Weverstraat 30, 6862 DP Oosterbeek


25 feb 2023 - 26 feb 2023


10:00 - 18:00



Inner Personalities Workshop part 1


Have you ever noticed that we often find ourselves with conflicting desires? Or that one day we want one thing and the next day the complete opposite?

Every one of us represents a complex reality of desires, thoughts, dreams and ideas. The fact that we often have conflicting thoughts is a direct result of being made of multiple parts with seemingly different goals.

These different aspects of ourselves, called “personalities”, represent a great potential and extraordinary wealth if we learn to create harmony between them and unify their goals.

This course uses various techniques developed through years of research in Damanhur for getting in contact with one´s various personalities as they alternate within us depending on the situation we find ourselves in.

Many of the exercises are based on forms of artistic expression, though they don’t requiring any artistic skills. Others are meditative. All exercises use playfulness to get to know our personalities and understand their needs.

According to Damanhurian Spiritual Physics, the Inner Personalities are part of our soul structure
along with an attractor representing the divine within us. According to this theory,
the final result of harmonizing the Inner Personalities is enlightenment.

What will you gain from this workshop:

  • being able to define, contact and harmonize our various personalities
  • learn how to resolve inner conflicts and achieve a greater level of well-being.
  • Bringing you inner world in balance more

This course is level 1 of 4 courses in which you will understand the theory and Damanhurian principles about soul and its mechanisms more.

The next levels will be more practical and programmed in the Netherlands as well.

Practical information

The workshop will be held on Februari 25 and 26.
Times: 10 – 18, with 1,5 our of break.

Location: Belmani in Oosterbeek

Lunch is nog included, you can maka a reservation for the Belmani vegetarianand organic lunch for €17,50, or bring your own.

Price: early bird price: €299,- when booking before February 4, after that date the price will be €349,-


Psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Jungian psychodrama, nonverbal communication, psychomotricity, music drama, music and art therapy, pet therapy, spiritual healer and researcher, teacher of inner growth. A member and has been living in the spiritual eco-community of Damanhur since 1989.

Her practice spans for more than 30 years and encompasses broad area of healing methods, including an extensive experience in psychotherapy. Tridacna was a major force in the Italian National Health Service – organizing and creating psychological modalities of healing for the local communities in Turin, Italy.

She was a distinguished speaker at scientific conferences in the area of Psychotherapy as well as won scholarships and research grants. She was also a consultant in psychology at the Italian Court System.

Since 1992 until the present time, she has been teaching and consulting in Damanhur University as well as in several locations in Italy, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria and Australia.

Her major specialties and topics of teaching are: Inner Personalities, Healing, the Path of the Quests, The Art of Star Inner Reading and Interpretation, Music of the Plants, Ancient Civilizations, Beyond the Physical Life, Harmonizing Female and Male Energies, and other fields. Furthermore, Tridacna is renowned for her research on Damanhurian paradigms of healing. Her results are shared within Damanhurian Spiritual and Healer Schools to benefit those who are on the path to improve their own wellbeing and personal growth.


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Inner personalities part 1

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